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Considering foriegn advanced level exam over sri lankan a level exam?

Cambridge Gce A Levels

Many people all over the world spent money and study for their Cambridge a level qualification , instead of doing the free government hold local examination in their respective countries, such as in  Sri lanka. Their reasons and aspirations may be to enter into one of the foreign university and enroll in a undergraduate program.

Foreign university education like in the university of Cambridge and Oxford in England , there the tuition fee is sky high , like about 30000 sterling pound per year to do Course in Medicine or Engineering .
So what most students from developing countries do is that they simple opt in to study for simpler degree programs like bachelor of science or arts.

Some other students work part time jobs to supplement their income and hence are able to support their livehood in their country of higher studies.

Most students leave their home country with the intention of not returning after completion of their studies but instead work there and earn money.
Although most countries provide post study work permit for 2 or 3 years  such as Australia or New Zealand , still getting a post study visa in the UK is very restricted nowadaays and only available for the most talented graduates or for works which the locals are not able or interested to do.

You can leave behind a comment for me to be able to blog about specific areas of visa or permanent residenship   or anything related to this field.

Unit 7 Biology Sri Lankan A Level

The unit 7 is all about coordination and homeostasis.

I will  give you some definitions will will  be very useful in your exams:

coordination: when the conditions of the external or internal environment of an organism changes and a specific response is made by the organism, and the a=organism gets adapted ,thus maintaing constant internal conditions resulting in the survival of the organism

white matter: collection of axon of neurone
grey matter: collection of cell  bodies of neurones

Remember this way: u got a huge collection of rats with huge tails.The collection of the rats id the grey mater and the collection of the tail of rat is the white matter.

To download the teachers guide for a level biology  syllabus and teachers guide in sinhala or tamil or english click here

*there will be an ad ,click ,skip this ad and go to the website to download this syllanus or teachers giude.

Sri lankan a level bio stream 2012 2013 2014

Monday, April 23, 2012

a/l physics tamil notes pdf

There are actually no pdfs in tamilm of physics notes available,on the whole internet ,but i can provide them to you as per the extend of the syllabus ,if you tell me the area or section which you are needing, eg optics(olli), heat(veppam),mechanics.

send the request to or leave a comment on this blog and I will give you the link after uploading the pdf.

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Sri Lankan A Level Past Paper Directory For many subjects

I am happy to inform my readers and visitors that I am making all the preparations to get 20 years past papers and answer sheets in all three mediums : English ,Tamil,Sinhala within the next month.I am working hard and have to cover copyright issues and also other cyper legal rules.The papers will be available to the following subjects:
biology,chemistry,physics,logic.history of world,commerce,accounting,aat,economics and combined maths.

Please leave comments to show your interest and motivate me to get the work done quickly to benifit your and my other audience.If you dont leave a comment others also will do the same and the process will be delayed:Please google like me. And also spread the news of this blog to your friend in all ways u can.Thank you.

logic a level old syllabus notes sri lanka

I am very pleased to right about to appreciate the students offering logic as one of their main 3 subjects in the sri lankan advanced level examination. Those students will have enormous oppotunity once they will school both in the local and the international market.Those students are trained to think in a logical manner and are vital part of sri lankan society.Please tell me the topic in logic for which you need notes to study in the commennt and i will post them here in this blog.

Please share this blog in your facebook or twitter so that more students will pass the a level exams.

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Google Earth for the Human Body

Google has come come nowadays after exploring the earth,the ocean,the sky, the planet mars,anf now finally to the inside of the human body.This appication explores the real anatonomy of the human in a three dimensional way and is an excellent resource of animation and interatciion for a level sri lankan students to explore and study the human body in detail with visualisation compared to old days of memorizingthing from the note copies.

At the end of this post you will be able to find the link to that site where this so called human body browser is found.

Please leave comments and share me on google 1+ for other students to hear about this.Place this website on facebook and other social media please.The adress of this blog is

Click here to go the the website 

Advanced level physics syllabus for 2014 batch in sri lanka

I just wanted to  congratulate the students who have successfully passed their ordinary level and have started to do their a levels.Please note that the syllabus for 2014 physics sri lankan exam physics is not changed and is same as 2012,2013 so you can download the syllabus at


a/level model answers physics sri lanka tamil

I wanted to inform the tamil students to start seeing thinakural and uthayan papers as many model question papers and answers are starting to appear  in those papers .If you have a scanned photo of the question paper please email it to me at , so i will upload it heree and other students can also view them.

Help our nation to grow in th efield of education by scanning th e question and emailing it to me.

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A Level Past Paper Questions and answer

The following papers will be available in my blog starting next monday in the science stream for subjects of biology ,physics and chemistry

Leave your words in the comment if you are in  need of any other papers or answer scripts that you will be needing.

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a level past papers answers for physics sri lankan students

Please leave a comment of the answer you need clearly indicating the year of the exam paper, the question number and the corect ending

eg:  physics 2000/q5/a/(i)

I shall be happy to provide you with the answer within 5 hours of your request

Thank you .

You can do this also for biology , chemistry ,english, git .

food technology past question paper for g.c.e.a/l sri lankan Students

My students have aksed me to provide rsoureces , pastpaers, and syllabus material foe them to study food and nutrition ,but due to copy right issues i have faced with google I am unable to provide thme directly in my blog.

However you can download the syllabus from
 the past apers can be download from a link which I will put up on this site within 24 hrs.

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Sri Lanakn A Level Physics Syllabus in sinhala mediuma nd tamil medium download.

The following is subject to copyright to I am only distributing it for educational purpose to the students appearing for the aa level exam which is held by the department of examination of sri lanka.

The importance in the structure of dna for life

Dna is a polymer of nucleic acid and made from BASES.
 It has got a very simple,stable and universal structure which is able to store information in the form of nitrigenous bases .It can self replicate to form identical copies of itself. Mutations can  ocuur due to internal and external factors and thus be able to change the information which leads to evolution of the organism.

GCE A Level Git(General Information of technology )2006 Question paper with answers

Here is this git paper for the sri lanakn a level students who are sitting for the git paper in 2012, 2013 and 2014 batch.

Sorry I am searching for the rest of the paper and will put it here on this blog in a few hours,please try these 9 questions and come back after some time to get the answer and the rest of the questions.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Chemistry notes for a level sri lankan students

New Syllabus Notes.
Chapter 1. Structure and Properties of Matter.

A substance that occupies space and has a mass is known as matter.

All matter are classified into the three states of physical states.

These three physical states ahve the definite variations in the arragement of the particles, motion of particles and in further physical patterns.


What is tissue culture?

It  is the growth invitro of a living plant tissue in a sterile artificial culture media under aseptic conditions.

This topic is a widely tested question in the sri lnakan a level biology paper and may come for this years exam paper as it has not appeared for many years in the past.

2012 a/l commerce stream revised syllubus

There is a latest update that the syllabus of the sri lankan gce a level stream syllabus has been changed and reprinted once again for exam in 2012.Please contact your principle or relevant subject teachers about it.

Do you need help with (AAT ) The Association of Accounting Technicians of Sri Lanka

Here on this blog  I have planned to introduce some aat past papers and other aat resources with marking scheme and model question papers.So you assured that i will upload them here to the blog within a few days.

And also leave a comment if you have any other suggestions about this aat .

2002 Biology Sri lankan A Level Question answer for stucture question

3 A

(i)Cytoskeleton is a three dimensional network of microtubule,microfilament,intermediate filament that is found in the cytoskeleton of a eukaryotic cell.

(ii)1.Provides shape to the cell.
    2.Helps in th emovement of the prtoplasm.
    3.Helps in the movement of the cell organelles.
    4.Helps in the arrangement of the cell organelles by providing a means of suspension of the organelles.

(iii)The three types of supporting tissues in plants are
3. xylem

(iv) The supportingg material found in each of them is
1.Scelerenchyma- lignin and cellulose
2.collenchyma- cellulose and hemicellulose
3.xylem -cellulose and lignin

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Biology Famous essay question fully ansered here!

Use this notes as a study materila for the preparation for your final exam 2012 to get entrance into the university

the questions" Describe the gross structure of the heart and its location?"

The answer ,
The heart is located in the thorasic cavity , between the two lungs .It is more towards the left side .

The heart is surrounded by the peritonium and consits of 3 layers.
The outer epicardium which is a membrane surrounds the outer part of the heart ,the middle myocardium which is a thick layer of cardiac musclular tissue and the endo cardium which is a thin membrane that is continuos with the blood vessels.
The heart consits of four chambers .....................................

excuse me i could not complete the answer today come back after few hours and it will be completed.

Biology unofficial update on the changes to the sylllabus and final exam paper 2012

There was an unofficail news spread the applied biology section was not comming to the exam for this year beacuse of issues regarding the second shi students.

Worrying about University entrance ? Gce A level Sri Lankan exam

For you to be approved to enter into one of the free state universities you will need to work verey hard  to get a good result and hence high Z - score.The z score varies from distarict to district but still there is a huge competition among students to get entrance into the univeresity beacuse it is just free.You dont have to pay any tuition fee the government of sri lankan pays that.

So but if you fail to get entrance but still have a great longing to study at a university you should try one of the many foreign universities.With a scholarship you will be able to meet your living costs by working part time jobs as well as ganing new experience and friends. So if you would long to go to famous universities like cambridge and oxford you will need to show great english competencies.If you would like to to discusscu more on this matter please leave a comment .7

You will hae the oppoutunity to study medicine .mmbs., engineering,art, language and many more subjects with million dollar salaried jobs awainting for you.You will be able to find the website inks to the individual university by doing a search on the internet.

Do you have any doubts about the rules and the syllabus of gce a level sri lankan exam

Please feel free to leave a comment below on  your question or email me to and be assured of my help.