Sunday, August 17, 2014

2012 A Level GCE English Part 1 Question 1

Grammar (40 marks)
1. Fill in each blank with a suitable preposition from the list given below.Use each preposition only once.
(10 marks)
on        of      into         with         in               out of                 over            round               for          towards

A small truck loaded(1) ................... glassware backed out of a factory driveway into the path of a large truck.Most  of the glass was broken (2) ........................... the crash and the driver seemed (3) ................... the verge of tears.  A big crowd gathered and a benevolent old gentleman said compassionately," I suppose you will have to make this good(4) .................... your own pocket?"

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sri Lankan A level English paper April 2005 Part 1 sample questions

Sri Lankan A level English paper April 2005 Part 1 sample questions

  • a = indefinite article : a object, th efirst letter of the word should not be a vowel(a e  u o i) 
    She has a dog.
    I work in a factory.
  • an = indefinite article  with first letter as a  vowels (a,e,i,o,u)
    Can I have an apple?
  • There is an object under the tree.
    She is an English teacher.
  • He studies in an english medium school.
  • the = definite article (a specific object that both the person speaking and the listener know)
    The car over there is fast.
    The teacher is very good, isn't he?
  • The first time you speak of something use "a or an", the next time you repeat that object use "the". 
    I live in a house. The house is quite old and has four bedrooms.
    I ate in a Chinese restaurant. The restaurant was very good.
  • DO NOT use an article with countries, states, counties or provinces, lakes and mountains except when the country is a collection of states such as "The United States".
    He lives in Washington near Mount Rainier.
    They live in northern British Columbia.
  • Use an article with bodies of water, oceans and seas - 
    My country borders on the Pacific Ocean
  • DO NOT use an article when you are speaking about things in general 
    I like Russian tea.
    She likes reading books.
  • DO NOT use an article when you are speaking about meals, places, and transport
    He has breakfast at home.
    I go to university.
    He comes to work by taxi.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Types of organic reactions

Basically there are  6 types of organic reactions, lets see what they are and where they occur:
1.Combustion reaction
All organic compounds are combustible( they react with oxygen ) , the carbon in the organic compound forms CO2 and the Hydrogen present is converted to H2O .
If there is S it is converted to S02 .

2. Free radicle substitution reaction:

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